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The Boxing Minute: Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Orlando Salido II | March

We are proud to present our first edition of the Boxing Minute podcast.  Enjoy!  The Boxing Minute will cover topics that tickle us the right or the wrong way.  So turn up the speakers, and let the fists fly and the egos fall!


This week: Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Orlando Salido II

   BoxMinFinal - 3-12-12



Last weekend the first of what I hope to be many fight of the year candidates.  Orlando Salido and Juan Manuel Lopez once again engaged in toe to toe battle ending with the same result, Salido knocking out Juan Manuel Lopez, albeit this time in the 10th round.  There are many things that need to be said about Juan Manuel Lopez and his defense, or lack theoref.  He stands up too straight and simply cannot dodge looping hooks shots coming from an opponent with his head down, which happens to be Salido’s specialty.  

Just last April, Juan Manuel Lopez was the next best thing.  Now, he has two losses to a tough but unremarkable 11 loss fighter in Orlando Salido.  As much as this is a legitimizing win for Orlando Salido, this is a unlegitimizing loss for Lopez.  He will now have to prove to Top Rank, boxing fans, and opponents that he deserves to be in the ring with the likes of Gamboa and Rios instead of actually fighting them.  Old veterans beating upcoming fighters is always an interesting story.  However, that wasn’t the only storyline that was on display.  Really the storyline that is flying under the radar and will likely not garner much attention is the horrendous scoring at ringside.  In case you were wondering, Chuck Giampa and we here at FightKnightsBlog.com had it scored 88-83.

No one watching the fight could score it even.  Yet judge Danny Nelson had the fight 85-85 going into the 10th round.  What’s worse?  Judges Micheal Pernick and Cesar Ramos had Lopez ahead 86-84.  Thankfully Salido finished Lopez or may have been a victim of a nasty decision.  Just weeks ago, Gabriel Campillo lost in disgusting fashion to Tavoris Cloud and was denied a rematch.  

Unfortunately, this scoring problem is and always will be a recurring event in boxing.  Sometimes, it feels as though you can see it coming as a boxing fan.  A young, promising fighter is having a tough time against a sly tough veteran.  The judges are going to rob him, you  just know it. It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion.  It’s refreshing to see one get finally averted.