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Video Scouting: Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Orlando Salido | March

Editor's note: Video scouting gives you a chance to take a look back bouts that have significance to upcoming matchups.  Look out for of our video scouting of upcoming big events!

Eleven months ago Juan Manuel Lopez's rise to stardom was abruptly stopped by a 11-loss Orlando Salido in a stunning 8 round TKO.  This weekend they will be fighting in a rematch that is a must win situation for Juan Manuel Lopez.  If he doesn't avenge his loss, he will be just another prospect that never fufilled his potential.  Here's a look back at some of the bouts n these two fighter's histories.  

Let's start with this.  The first fight.  

Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Orlando Salido 

It's still suprising to me that Salido was able to walk through all of Lopez's shots.  I was under the impression from JMM's other bouts that his power was very good.  Here is an example in his fight with Bernabe Concepcion.  

What is interesting in this bout is JMM's inability to hit and get out of the way.  It is one of the reasons fight fans were salivating over the prospect of him fighting Yuriorkis Gamboa who also has his defensive deficiencies.  These defensive weaknesses was exploited by Salido in their first fight and spelled doom for JMM.

Juan Manuel Lopez vs Bernabe Concepcion


We have to keep in mind that Salido does have 11 losses.  However, when he does win, he wears you down while coming forward and landing that right hand.  Here is an example of one of those wins.  

Orlando Salido vs. Kenichi Yamaguchi


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