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Written by Sebastian Wong | 17 October 2011

The Bernard Hopkins vs. Chad Dawson fight/debacle last weekend was highly criticized even before the fight took place because of its spot on HBO PPV.  While the matchup brought two of the top fighters in the division, one of the all time greats, and the promise of reasonable action, the $60 price tag was too much for many boxing fans to cough up.  (Side note: 60 bucks. C’mon who isn’t going to pay the extra $10 bucks for HD?) 

So, while we await the assuredly dire PPV numbers for the Hopkins Dawson tilt, we at the Fight Knights decided to look at some of the fights, perhaps as a guide to the head honchos of the networks who may magically/accidentally/miraculously stumble upon this site, that current mainstream boxing fans will pay PPV money for. (We fight junkies on the other hand pay for a lot of fights that we aren’t proud of buying, so feel free to keep jamming crap down our throats.)

Keep in mind that Mayweather and Pacquiao are the anomalies to the PPV situation.  For the most part people will shell out the money to watch these two regardless of who they are fighting.

Also, fights like Juan Manuel Lopez v. Yuriorkis Gamboa and Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Saul Alvarez may one day merit a PPV broadcast but this list is a current one.

There is also a legend below the list, but here I will explain it here.  Italics mean that the fight may warrant a PPV.  The $ sign means that the PPV will cost the extra $10, like the Victor Ortiz vs. Mayweather bout. Two stars means that the fight is very unlikely to take place due to personal, camp, political, weight differences, insert crazy-only-in-boxing-reason-here restraints.  Finally the (R) simply denotes the fight would be a rematch.




The PPV fight list


Floyd Mayweather Jr. VS.

Manny Pacquiao $$$$$
Sergio Martinez ** $
Andre Berto
Amir Khan
Timothy Bradley
Miguel Cotto
Saul Alvarez**
Victor Ortiz (R)

Manny Pacquiao VS.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Sergio Martinez ** $
Juan Manuel Marquez (R)
Andre Berto
Amir Khan **
Timothy Bradley
Miguel Cotto (R)
Saul Alvarez **
Victor Ortiz

Sergio Martinez VS.

Paul Williams (R)
Miguel Cotto
Saul Alvarez
Andre Ward
Lucian Bute

Miguel Cotto VS.

Antonio Margarito (R)
Saul Alvarez
Paul Williams

Wladimir Klitschko VS.Vitali Klitschko******




 Italics: May warrant a PPV
$: Will likely cost $70
*: Denotes rematch
**: Very unlikely match will happen



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Floyd Mayweather VS. Larry Merchant $$$$$$ =)


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Written by Sebastian Wong | 13 October 2011

"Beleive it or not!"  - Yes I can't believe I'm paying for this PPV, but I am.  Stop rubbing it in Golden Boy.


I am annoyed about having to shell out the PPV money for the upcoming Bernard Hopkins vs. Chad Dawson fight.  At first when it was announced in the summer that I was going to be on PPV I was downright mad.  (Don’t even get me started on the $10 price hike for the HD broadcast.)  60 bucks for a fight likely to go to a decision?  Dawson hasn’t stopped someone since 2007 and Hopkins hasn’t stopped someone since Oscar De La Hoya in 2004.

Yet time passed and my anger subsided and turned into its current state of annoyance.  I am sure Golden Boy and HBO realizes that putting this fight on PPV is going to lose them viewers.  Hopkins has never been a big PPV draw because of his fighting style.  Dawson can’t even sell out arenas in his hometown.  Apparently HBO simply had no choice.  Due to budgetary problems, HBO is “flipping” the fight, according to ESPN.com, and turned it into pay-per-view.  Gary Shaw put it nicely, “There’s no money in the budget to put the fight on HBO, and they have to put the fight on, so therefore it forced the fight on to pay-per-view. I wanted it on regular HBO.”

So IF you shell out the money like I begrudgingly will.  Here are 5 things to look out for.

1.  Action

I’ll admit it, I am an action optimist.  But..  Dawson realizes that this is a must win for him.   At 29 he is watching his prime melt quickly away with no real big paydays ahead.  A big win over a big name like B-Hop should give him a few more money fights.  A smart Chad Dawson is likely going to realize that he isn’t winning by knockout.  Going in trying to knock Bernard Hopkins out may be the worst strategy in modern boxing history.  Dawson and his corner will likely try to throw a lot of quick non committal punches knowing that he will have to win a decision by punch output.

Now Hopkins understands this.  While he is a defensive fighter he has shown in recent fights that he will counter attack and close distances when attacked (see Jean Pascal and Kelly Pavlik).  Hopkins will likely also isn’t going into the fight thinking that he is going to win a decision through punch output.  Dawson doesn’t to be pressured (see Jean Pascal and Glen Johnson I) and rather fight on the outside.  He must outwork Dawson by getting on the inside and dirty box him hoping that the strategy will tire Dawson to the point of allowing Hopkins to stand with and hurt him.

This will bring action.  I hope.


2.  DeMarco vs. Linares

Most boxing aficionados see this as the fight to steal the show.  Jorge Linares is tough, speed, good power and great boxing style.  He is on a four fight win streak after a devastating left hook derailed his career courtesy of Juan Carlos Salgado.  Antonio Demarco is also on a win streak coming off of a devastating loss.  DeMarco may be remembered as Edwin Valero’s last bout before his tragic end.  He took a horrific beating as Valero’s hard charging style finally broke him down culminating with DeMarco quitting in the corner.  Many will question if Antonio can regain his form after such a hellacious beating, but I think that if he can use his good job effectively and stay away from a firefight he has a good chance.  Linares has shown the ability to dominate, but how will that translate for his first legitimate challenge at 135?

It’s hard not to see a good action fight here.  Southpaw vs. Orthodox.  Mexican vs. Venezuelan.  Two boxer punchers.  Two guys who won’t quit.  Two guys who absolutely need to keep winning to save their careers.  By far the easiest fight to get excited for.

3.  Garcia vs. Holt

Kendall Holt vs. Danny Garcia should also be a good scrap.  Holt is coming off of a great win in a 3rd round stoppage of Julio Diaz on FNF and Garcia has quickly become a fighter everyone expects to be a world champion.  Main storyline will be whether Garcia will be able to handle the speed and experience of Holt.  Garcia’s only opponent with a similar skill set would be his last victim, Nate Campbell.  Kendall has recently showed good display of power but I see Garcia eventually breaking Holt down.  A win for both fighters will immediately vault him into the top of the crowded junior welterweight division.

4.  The end of an era?

We’ve all been saying this for years now but every time Bernard steps into the ring a loss will end his HOF career.  Seriously though.  What if Bernard loses?  We can’t just assume that this guy is going to fight forever.  Remember, Vegas odds still has Chad Dawson favored, albeit slightly.

What if he wins?  Can he really fulfill his quest?  He was quoted after his win against Pascal that he wanted to beat Dawson, take on Lucian Bute (current IBF Super Middleweight Champion) and get a rematch with retired Joe Calzaghe.  While the Calzaghe fight may be out of his control and reach, Hopkins with Golden Boy’s promotional power behind him may be able to throw enough money at Lucian (ala Kelly Pavlik) to move up and take a fight the Hopkins.

5.  Will Bernard do any more pushups?

OK OK.  Yes this PPV is a tough one to purchase.  Us fight junkies just can’t resist.  What about hoping for that Dewey Bozella cameo?  It is a great story that should be seen over and over again.   He won the Arthur Ashe Courage award in 2011 and told someone at ESPN he dreamed of having a professional fight one day.  He will be making his professional debut on the undercard and has been training with Hopkins for this fight.

BTW.  I put the Hopkins pushup count over under at 4.

-Go For the KO Chad.  Hugh Jackman said so!So will I be wasting my money this weekend?  Maybe.  But either I spend 60 bucks to watch 3 fights that I am assuredly going to enjoy with the possibility of being disappointed, or I go out spending the same 60 bucks ($15/ticket x2, popcorn, drinks, ugh the love of California prices) watch Real Steel knowing who will win in every fight with the possibility of being disappointed.

Sometimes it’s just better not to know.





Sebastian is a law student and former amateur boxer.

Love it hate it?  Hate mail and Love mail welcome at   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Go for the freaking KO Chad.  Hugh Jackman says so.

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Written by Sebastian Wong | 12 October 2011

Frankie Edgar just became a UFC Hall of Famer.  Book it.

Who do you match Gray Maynard up with now UFC matchmakers?

Stealing a bit from friends over at MMA-Manifesto:  Lima vs Lozano MMA KO of the year?  Link 

Chael Sonnen promised to leave the UFC if he loses to Silva!  What happens if he loses to Stamm?  The WWE is waiting with open arms.

Ed Soares on Sonnen "First the guy gets in trouble for fraud, then he tests positive for steroids, and now he wants to kick in someone's door and slap their wife in the ass? This guy should be in jail; he shouldn't be fighting."  Tell us what you really think Ed.

Culinary Workers Union Local 226 not the sport of boxing may beat the UFC. Link

If Frankie can make 145 then the superfight between him and Aldo would be… a guy can dream.

With Spike TV drawing only 1 million viewers to it’s UFC 136 prelim broadcast.. is the UFC becoming top heavy?

Cung Le hates on “keyboard warriors” who is claiming that Wanderlei Silva should retire.  This is the same Cung Le who 30 seconds before that said, “ It doesn't make me feel good about myself to think I might be the one to retire him, or that he might get hurt.”  Nice…

It is sad that Kenny Florian will never win a UFC title.


Dewey Bozella is the best story in boxing this year. Link.

Joel Casamayor vs. Timothy Bradley is announced for Pacquiao vs Marquez undercard.  I yawn at this “action fight”.

No way this David Haye retirement is real.

Emanuel Steward was not retained by Chad Dawson or Miguel Cotto for their upcoming fights.  Great move for both fighters.

Omar Andrés Narváez is going to look nowhere as good as his record (34-0-2 19KOs) when he fights Nonito Donaire October 22nd.

Speaking of which.. what will it take to get the Filipino Flash into the ring with Yuriorkis Gamboa?  *salivates*

Gotta tell the girlfriend that the night of November 5th is off my calendar.  I will be busy watching Alfred Angulo and James Kirkland trying to absolutely destroy each other.

Robert Garcia trainer of the year?  If Margarito wins, it’s a lock.

Jermain Taylor is cleared to comeback and is planning a fight in December.  I wish him the absolute best.  Please don’t get hurt.

Max Kellerman’s faceoff is always entertaining.  He makes Manny Pacquiao - Juan Manuel Marquez breakdown tape of their earlier fights in his latest.  Strange.. but entertaining.



Things I Think I Think is a weekly article published Wednesdays on FightKnightsBlog.com by Sebastian Wong. Sebastian is a law student and former amateur boxer. He can be contacted at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Written by FightKnight | 11 October 2011

Originally modeling in Hawaii, Natasha was selected as the newest UFC "Octagon Girl," winner of the Maxim UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Octagon Girl Search.  She was abruptly dropped with Logan Stanton (probably going to make a GOTFG appearance soon) in 2009.  During that time it caused quite a stir with some of the MMA fans and message boards were buzzing.  Some rumors attribute it with Arriany Celeste not being happy with them.  Who knows.  All that is clear at this point is… picture time.

Every Tuesday Fight Knights features female eye candy in the fight game.  Got a girl in mind that we should feature?  Email us! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Written by FightKnight | 10 October 2011


David Haye promised to retire before the age of 31.  Today he fulfilled that promise.  It has been reported, shortly before his 31st birthday this coming Thursday David Haye handing in his boxing license.   Haye is a former two division champion (25-2, 26KOs) and recently lost his title by to current heavyweight king Wladimir Klitschko in July.  The fight was a heavyweight unification fight for the WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO and The Ring heavyweight titles.

Haye will be remembered for his brash trash talking and his rather humbling loss to Klitschko after an immense buildup.  He dazzled his fans as a cruiserweight beating everyone he faced after a loss to Carl Thompson as a young blooming prospect.  His speed and power at the cruiserweight division was unmatched.  When he moved up to heavyweight he immediately set his sights on the Klitschko brothers.  Haye did the smart financial thing and went after a belt, winning the WBA version of the heavyweight title from the giant Nikolay Valuev.  After two easy defenses against a faded Audley Harrison and John Ruiz, he stepped into the ring with Wladimir Klitschko.

“I can confirm that Mr. Haye is not renewing his professional boxer’s licence”, Robert Smith, general secretary of the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBC).

It is sad to see another entertaining name in the boxing world go.  Of course, this is boxing and this is David Haye.  So we probably haven't heard the end of him.

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Written by FightKnight | 06 October 2011

UFC President Dana White announced today that Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida will headline UFC 140 in Toronto.  Rashard Evans was supposed to be the UFC's Light Heavyweight Champion's next challenger but he reportedly needed more time for his hand to heal.

Interestingly, it was only a few years ago when Machida was the LHW champ in 2009 that an upcoming Jon Jones was unconvinced of Machida's dominance.  “I think Machida is getting a lot of hype," Jones said in an interview to USA today, "And I know he has lots of big wins over a lot of big fighters, and a lot of experience over me. I don’t think he’s Christ; I think he’s very beatable."

Jones received a lot of flak from the message boards over that comment then.  Strangely, now, he is a huge favorite.  Jones, 24, hasn't had a hiccup since his lone disqualification loss and has quickly cemented himself as the top dog in the division.

Machida, now 33, was the UFC light heavyweight title in 2009 after knocking out Rashard Evans in UFC 98.  He then successfully, albeit controversially, defended it against Maricuo Rua once and then lost it in the rematch at UFC 113.  He has recently been placed back into contention by knocking out Randy Couture in spectacular fashion.


Another interesting storyline is UFC's scheduling and handling of Jon Jones.  Usually the UFC doesn't like to keep it's top caliber fighters so busy.  Yet, Jones now has only 3 months to prepare for Machida.  Jones also has stated that he wanted to take some time off after the win over Rampage.  But, in the world of MMA, what the UFC says is what you do.  

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Written by FightKnight | 06 October 2011


The long rumored fight between Jean Marc Mormeck (36-4, 22KOs) and current IBF/IBO/WBO/WBA heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko (56-3, 49KOs) has been finalized.  It is scheduled to take place December 10th in Germany.  

They have a common opponent: David Haye.  Klitschko is coming off one of the biggest victories of his career, a 12 round UD against then WBA champion David Haye.  Mormeck has won his last three fights all in the heavyweight division.  He moved up after losing to then cruiserweight champion David Haye.  

Some have criticized Wladimir for this latest opponent.  The Frenchman has limited experience at the heavyweight division.  Journeyman Vinny Maddalone, Fres Oquendo and tough but aging Timur Ibragimov isn't the best resume.  However, Klitschko's handlers are sure to point to Mormeck's power as a dangerous obstacle that they must overcome.  

It is yet to be seen if HBO or any other American television broadcast will pick up this fight.  Keep in mind that his biggest fight, the aforementioned Haye fight, was still on HBO's free World Championship Boxing telecast.  

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Written by FightKnight | 04 October 2011

Before Wladimir Klitschko dated Hayden Panettiere (Don't really understand the 5'11" to 5' change of pace, but when you are the heavyweight champ, you can do whatever you want) he was involved with this weeks GOTFG.  Karolina Kurkova comes from a long line of Czech beauties.    She was a Victoria's Secret Angel and won E! Entertainment's sexiest woman award in 2008.  She is also a part time actress and makes cameo appearances on America's Next Top Model.  

Ms. Kurkova is 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m), Measurements 33-24.5–34.

Every Tuesday Fight Knights features female eye candy in the fight game.  Got a girl in mind that we should feature?  Email us! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Written by FightKnight | 18 August 2011

Robert Guerrero has pulled out of his highly anticipated fight with Marcos Maidana with a left shoulder injury.  They were scheduled to headline HBO's Boxing After Dark card August 27th in San Jose, California.  The Guerrero camp said that the injury occurred during sparring.  Golden Boy promoter Richard Shaefer made the announcement in a teleconference Thursday with boxing reporters.  "Robert Guerrero injured his shoulder in sparring to the point where it was numb... he can't even put on a jacket" 

Schaefer went on to speculate the injury may be a torn rotator cuff.  Guerrero will be seeing a specialist Thursday afternoon in San Jose.  A torn rotator cuff would be hugely detrimental to Robert Guerrero’s (29-1-1, 18 KOs) career.  Depending on the severity of the tear, surgery may be required. For more minor tears, physical therapy can usually repair the damage.  Schaefer said he will be awaiting the specialist's opinion before making a decision on whether this fight can be rescheduled.

Also announced was the cancellation of the entire San Jose show and place the boxers involved on alternative dates.  

The cancellation is a huge setback for many hardcore boxing fans who were looking forward what was sure to be a action packed fight.  Maidana is coming off a victorious decision in a slugfest with legend Erik Morales last April.  Guerrero was on the same card besting Michael Katsidis in surprisingly easy fashion.


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Written by Sebastian Wong | 17 August 2011

Can someone please explain to me how Dan Hardy is still in the UFC.

A takedown attempt on Chris Lytle who is famous for his guillotine chokes?  Nice.

Kelly Pavlik has pulled out of 5 fights now.  Twice against Paul Williams, Brandon Vera, Cunningham, and Sergio Mora.  Which promoter wants to deal with that?

Props to the IBF for ordering an immediate rematch of the Joseph Agbeko v Abner Mares fight.

Russell Mora isn’t a bad referee.  He’s just a blind referee.  Oh, wait..

Boxing Junkie Alert!  Luis "El Nica" Concepcion (23-2, 18KOs) rumored rematch with Hernan "Tyson" Marquez (31-2, 24KOs) October 21st!  Anyone who remembers their first fight should be excited.

Lucian Bute is confirmed to be facing Glen Johnson on November 5th in Bute’s hometown.  Road Warrior indeed.  BTW Kelly, Glen is making less than 500k.

Am I the only one not sold on Amir Khan?

Ugh.  Kimbo Slice wins his boxing debut.

RIP Scott LeDoux.


Rumors are flying the UFC and Fox are going to be finalizing a deal soon.  Great news for the UFC.  Great news for Fox.  Better news for fans.

UFC 139 is coming to San Jose, CA.  Strikeforce was based at the HP Pavilion and now that Zuffa owns both, the Bay Area finally gets a UFC.

Dana White has declared Yushin Okami the “best fighter to come out of Japan”.  That may be a bit hard to backup.  An argument for top 5.. maybe.

Ben Henderson is the real deal.

Alistair Overeem is coming to the UFC.  Book it.  And when he does, he is going to be smashed by top tier heavyweights.

Please someone tell James Toney to STFU.  Calling out Rampage isn't going to do anything but make you look stupid.


Things I Think I Think is a weekly article published Wednesdays on FightKnightsBlog.com by Sebastian Wong.  Sebastian is a law student and former amateur boxer.  He can be contacted at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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